Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Steep Creek Media school bus advertising program?
A: It is an opportunity for local businesses to put business advertisements on the side of school buses in local school districts. These full-color ads are available in two sizes: 7' x 1.5' and 6' x 2.5'.

Q: Why are school districts using this program to generate funds?
A.  Most Texas schools are facing several million dollar budget deficits this year that could result in a reduction of staff and in services for our children. School districts partner with Steep Creek Media to sell advertising in a variety of venues. Steep Creek Media projects that ventures could mean more than $1 million annually for local districts. Funding is a major issue facing school districts throughout Houston and Texas, and districts seeking to generate their own revenue can partially solve budget problems.

Q: What can school bus advertising do for you?
A: The school bus advertising program helps businesses build brand awareness while providing much needed funding for local schools. The ads are seen every day by thousands of people as the buses travel around the community.  All ads must be approved by the district. Ads must be appropriate for a school setting, as well as child sensitive.

Q: What is the sign made of and does it harm the bus?
A: The signs are an automotive application specific vinyl that is coated with a special UV laminate. The signs adhere to the bus like a bumper sticker and are weather and fade resistant. A special process is used to remove the signs that will not harm the outside of the bus. State law is specific about the location and size of the signs.

Q: How much revenue will school districts receive?
A: The revenue will be dependent on the number of advertisers and other factors, but the potential from the school bus program alone is estimated at more than $1 million annually with the districts receiving no less than a majority of the funds. Steep Creek Media provides a complete turnkey service: selling the signs, installation, billing, etc.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Prices depend on the size of ad, number of buses to be used, and the length of commitment.  Contact Steep Creek Media at 281-962-4390 for pricing information.

Q: Who is the typical client of Steep Creek Media?
A: Any local or national company that wants to promote its business and strengthen its image while helping to fund local public schools will be considered. Ads must be appropriate for a school setting.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the types of ads that can run?
A: Yes. All ads must be in the form of an age-appropriate positive message.

Q: Who do I call for more information?
For more information please callSteep Creek Media, at 281-962-4390 and ask for a sales representative.

Q: Who is Steep Creek Media?
A: Steep Creek Media is an advertising agency located in Humble, Texas. It specializes in managing advertising for school districts and non-profit agencies.

Q: Why would a business want to advertise on a school bus?
A: When a company joins the School Bus Program, not only does it advertise the business, it also gives back to the community and school system.  This is truly a win-win situation for both the district and advertiser.

Q: Are school bus ads the only advertising opportunity offered by Steep Creek Media?
A: Steep Creek Media secures advertising for many venues, including sponsorship of athletic stadiums, as well as banners, signage and video commercials for stadiums, gyms, other athletic facilities and equipment, and school district web site advertising.



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